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Coconut Bowl and Spoon Set

Coconut Bowl and Spoon Set

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    Connect with nature and discover a mindful experience with our 100% organic unique set.


    How do you clean a coconut bowl?

    - Do not put your bowl in the dishwasher. It is best to hand wash it in warm soapy water. After you have cleaned your bowl, let it air then put it away for its next use. 

    Can you put hot food in your coconut bowl?

    - Coconut bowls do not like hot food as it can cause them to crack. We recommend using it to eat room temperature and cool food.

    Are coconut bowls microwave safe?

    - Do not put your 100% natural coconut bowl in the microwave as it may crack under extreme heat.

    How do I keep my bowl looking like new?

    - To bring your bowl back to life, polish it with coconut oil. 

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