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Dark Purple Pampas Grass
Dark Purple Pampas Grass
Dark Purple Pampas Grass
Dark Purple Pampas Grass

Dark Purple Pampas Grass

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  • Pampas Grass
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Ψηλά και φουντωτά σε μωβ αποχρώσεις θα διακοσμήσουν τον χώρο σου υπέροχα. Η αναγραφόμενη τιμή είναι ανά τεμάχιο και το τεμάχιο περιλαμβάνει 1 κομμάτι. Συνδύασε 2-4 μαζί για ένα γεμάτο μπουκέτο. Το ύψος του κυμαίνεται μεταξύ 1m-110cm.

  • Price available is for one Pampas Grass. 
  • Size: 1m-1.10m

 Just like people, plants too, come in different shapes & sizes. Each piece of pampas is unique and the pieces in your bundle will likely not be the exact same from one another. Our pampas is carefully selected and cleaned one by one so please be patient as it may take some time to receive your order. Due to the large variety of pampas grass and seasonality of the plant, the color, shape, size and texture of your pampas grass may be different than pictured at the time of purchase.

We do not carry artificial pampas grass.  Please contact us for any custom order requests as we're here to help make arrangement, substitutions, and bulk orders that best fit your needs if and when necessary. We're not sure if pampas grass will cause allergic reactions - if you're concerned about how your dog, cat, kid, or husband will react to the plant please consult a professional before placing your order. :-)

  • By buying this bundle of pampas grass you hereby by acknowledge that:

— color, size, length, and shape of each piece of pampas in your bundle may vary.
— do not water your pampas grass or place it in water once it arrives. 
— the color of your pampas will vary but is somewhere in the sandy/beige hue family. we don't dye our pampas grass unless we note that in the product listing.
— the fluffier your pampas grass, the more likely it is to get a little squished during shipping process and change shape. leaving your pampas grass out in the sun or using a blow dryer will bring your pampas grass back to it's original state and increase the volume of its hair
— the color may vary between each of the plumes in your order. there is no way to get each color to be exactly the same from one another 
— the feathery part and fluffiness varies between each plume.
— shedding varies between each plume and your pampas will shed. a quick spritz of hairspray or floral sealant will fix this though (optional)
— Half the length of your pampas will be the fluffy part and half will be the stick. 

  • Care:
  1. Although Pampas Grass is dried and generally low maintenance, it sheds when you first get it.
  2. Before bringing Pampas Grass into your home, give each reed a good shake allowing excess plume shedding to occur. You can also blow-dry on a low heat and power setting in order to fluff the plumes. 
  3. Use a pair of garden shears to trim the stems to the desired height for your vase or arrangement.
  4. Arrange Pampas Grass reeds in your vase, delicately styling the plume until you’ve achieved the desired effect. If your Pampas Grass is untreated, additional shedding may occur.
  5. Once you’ve styled each plume to perfection, grab a high-hold hairspray and give them a generous misting. This will ensure the stands stay put and helps to keep shedding at bay
  6. Since Pampas Grass reeds are dried, they do not require any water. To maintain your plumes, re-spray every 6 months to help maintain fullness.




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