Collection: boho interior

The Boho Chic décor style is a modern way of decorating one's home in the bohemian tradition. Common items/trends include natural textures and earthy colors, eclectic accents, and the mixture of different patterns- as well as incorporating different cultural influences. Batik, macramé, and other simple handicraft objects are also common, and offer a great opportunity to DIY projects for your home such as hammocks, wall hangings, or hanging baskets. Above all else, boho style is personal and individual.


  • Browns, Greens & Greys.
  • Lots of Plants.
  • Layer Rugs.
  • Macrame Wall Hanging.
  • Baskets.
  • Colorful Pillows.
  • Lights.
  • Artistic Touch.


Earthy hues paired with neutrals or warm colours combined with cool colours make for an interesting boho colour palette. Yellow, browns, white, green, blue, grey, and red are some of the most popular bohemian colours.


  • Rattan Furniture. Rattan, raffia and wicker are classic materials for Bohemian style furniture.
  • Carved Wood Furniture.
  • Hanging Chairs. 
  • Rattan Lounges. 
  • Butterfly Chairs.
  • Bohemian Rugs.
  • Botanical Motifs.
  • Moroccan Poof.