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Travelling the world, we realised.. there are few moments in life that no matter where you come from bring you joy and a sense of connection with yourself, with others, with nature. We have seen the passion in people's eyes when they create unique products. We have met artisans that envision an idea and bring it to life with "meraki" and love... because they know that people don't buy products, they buy emotions.

We have seen how peaceful people are when they relax in a beautiful, cozy space that makes them feel like home. Enjoying the smell and taste of the coffee, the feel of the cup in their hands, a slice of cake, a conversation with friends, a laugh with family. Life is all about these feelings.

Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, beautiful design, and curating unique products every week that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see everyday, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they’ll inspire you too.


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Dimitrakopoulou 65-67, Koukaki, 11741, Athens, Greece

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Our founder, Filareti, had a strong vision for F by F. Her vision was to build a community where people celebrate love and connection. We have created a cozy space where everything you experience was created with love and you can transfer what you see and experience with you back home. A space where you can read a book, study or work, play board games with your friends surrounded by handcrafted, one of a kind treasures from artisans around the world.  

Our Concept Store is located in Koukaki, Dimitrakopoulou 65-67, and opened its doors in December 2019 becoming one of the first Concept Stores in Greece that combines fine organic Fairtrade coffee, natural food and unique products from around the world in one beautiful space, instagrammable for those who want to take some catchy photos. Our space changes constantly as we bring new products and categories each week. A hanging bed, a swing, big sofas, an office desk are there to make you feel like home.   


A fundamental part of our Brand is for people to experience something different when they visit us. Each month we bring to you one of a kind Pop Ups that last 1-3 days only. Throughout our first years our customers enjoyed a Second Bazaar,  Movies & Afternoon Nights, Female Talks, Plant Pop Ups, Yoga & Mindfulness Pop Ups. 


Our Concept Store and Eshop offer a unique curation of beautiful products, from Greek Designers Clothing to lifestyle products, home deco objects, wall art, plants, and accessories.. there is something for everyone. 


But fisrt.. Coffee. We proudly serve organic Fairtrade Coffee, Tea and a small variety of Natural Food and delicious handmade sweets. Join us for a cup of coffee at our concept store, sit in or takeaway regardless if you shop or not, our cafe is always here for you. 

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