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Mini Pothos
Mini Pothos
Mini Pothos
Mini Pothos
Mini Pothos
Mini Pothos

Mini Pothos

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Pothos plants, even though toxic, are one of the most popular house or office plants for so many reasons. They look great, thrive in a range of conditions and don’t require a lot of maintenance if you keep up with them once every few weeks.

  • CARE:
  • Light: Pothos can grow in varying lights. It flourishes in medium indirect light. However, this amazing plant can also survive in very low light conditions.
  • Water: Pothos do best if their soil is given time to dry out a little between watering. So, don’t panic if you have forgotten to water the plant once or twice. It will still survive.
  • Toxicity: The thing that makes Pothos plants poisonous is the insoluble calcium oxalate crystals contained within their leaves and stems. These crystals resemble small glass shards that will physically pierce and cause localized irritation to the skin when touched, or the mouth and digestive tract when chewed or swallowed.


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