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Natural Dried Beige Wheat
Natural Dried Beige Wheat
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Natural Dried Beige Wheat
Natural Dried Beige Wheat

Natural Dried Beige Wheat

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  • Price available is for approx. 20 pieces. 
  • product name
    natural with a splash of pink
    • By buying this bundle you hereby by acknowledge that:

    — color, size, length, and shape of each piece in your bundle may vary.
    — do not water your dried bouquet or place it in water once it arrives. 
    — the color may vary between each of the plumes in your order. there is no way to get each color to be exactly the same from one another 

  • Some stems may come shorter than others. These are also real so you will notice some steam has curls in the stems, some stand up straight and some have larger bunny tops while some are smaller.

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Flower Shop

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F/Φ Athens Concept Store
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