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Olive & Thyme Candle
Olive & Thyme Candle
Olive & Thyme Candle
Olive & Thyme Candle
Olive & Thyme Candle
Olive & Thyme Candle

Olive & Thyme Candle

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Botanical and special aroma that travels us
to the fields and plains of the Mediterranean.
Notes of olive, mint and citrus at the beginning
of the aroma, while in the middle come notes of
gardenia, jasmine and pine. The aroma closes with
notes of thyme, musk and spices.

Fragrance type: Chypre
Fragrance intensity: Strong

30-35 hours of burning.

Candle from the Painted series uses vegetable soy wax, which is placed in hand-painted glass containers. 

They have a wooden lid so that the aroma is trapped when the candle is extinguished and a wooden wick for extra atmosphere during the burning!
They contain high quality perfumes, suitable for areas with children and pets, as they have a soft aroma that diffuses evenly in the space (we recommend not to light candles in areas with babies).
The Painted series candles are contained in fabric, reusable pouches which contain a card with tips for the correct and safe burning of the candle.
After burning the candle, you can easily wash the glass with dish soap and hot water and reuse it either as a decoration or as a storage utensil.
Soy Candle has the following advantages: • It is safer, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic • Creates minimal soot & does not stain walls • Easily cleaned with soap and water • Produced by local farmers. • It is not harmful to the environment • It is a renewable resource. • Lasts up to 50% longer than paraffin • Differs its aroma more smoothly

Size 8 cm high & 7.5 cm wide, total weight 480 g, 170ml, 30-35 hours of burning.

* Each container is hand-painted, each product we ship may differ slightly from the images shown, as it is handmade

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