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Origami bag
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Origami bag

Origami bag

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Designed by Zoe Xemantilotou / Neso Studio


More than a bag

With the purchase of a WATERBAG you:

  • Sponsor programs which share the vision of making education, culture and healthcare accessible to all.

  • Support local communities.

  • Raise social awareness about environmental protection.

Special Characteristics

Open Canvas

WATERBAGS collaborate with talented creatives across all artistic fields to produce unique patterns on cotton.

Made in Greece

WATERBAGS are produced in Greece. We know every person that cuts and sews our bags and we are glad to support our community.

Product of Social Responsibility

WATERBAGS strive for a better tomorrow. We support local communities and we work to create positive change across Greece.


WATERBAGS are made of 100% cotton! Environmental preservation is important to us hence we choose high quality and eco-friendly materials. Our goal is to raise awareness and reduce the use of plastic bags.

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