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Areca Palm

Areca Palm

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The palms have smooth, sometimes golden trunks that are reminiscent of bamboo culms. Their fronds are narrow and full, almost like bamboo leaves. When used outdoors, they are often grown in clumps as a privacy screen.

Height is approx. 75cm.

Light: Outdoors, these plants like part shade or constant filtered sunlight. Indoors, areca palms do best with bright light like from a south- or west-facing window and may last longer with some direct sunlight. But do not give it too much direct sun; the leaves will turn yellowish-green in direct sunlight.

Water: Like many palms, areca palms are sensitive to overwatering and cannot tolerate being waterlogged or sitting in a water-saturated potting mix. Let the soil or potting mix dry out slightly between waterings. Areca palms are sensitive to fluoridated water, so should be watered with distilled water or collected rainwater.



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