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Chamaedorea Εlegans
Chamaedorea Εlegans
Chamaedorea Εlegans
Chamaedorea Εlegans

Chamaedorea Εlegans

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Bringing the tropics indoors has never been easier than with the addition of a Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans). Where many types of palms don’t grow well indoors, Parlor Palms thrive and are considered low-maintenance and hardy houseplants.

  • CARE:
  • Light: One of the great attributes of the Parlor Palm is its ability to thrive in lower light conditions and artificial lighting. It keeps growing without skipping a beat in a lower light setting, where many indoor plants will fail to thrive. However, for the best growth and performance, place the palm in a location that receives bright, indirect light.
  • Water: During the growing season of spring throughout summer, you will typically have to water once each week. However, during winter while the Parlor Palm is dormant and its growth slows, it will probably only require an application of water every couple of weeks.
  • Toxicity: Parlor palms are considered non-toxic to cats, dogs and people
  • SIZE: 14x12cm Nursery Pot, Height Approx. 45cm


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