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Handmade Flower Pillar Candle

Handmade Flower Pillar Candle

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The Elate & Co Flower pillar Candle is perfect for any interiors, the classic colour is complimented with a fun aesthetic shape.

Hand-poured rapeseed wax flower candle, made in small batches .
Presented in a cream craft box, with hands stamped label perfect for gifting. Unscented.
Colored candles may frost (white coating) which is a natural occurrence with naturel wax. This will not affect how the candle burns.

Our Flower pillar are designed for decorative purposes, but if you do decide to light them, please place on an even surface with a heatproof coaster and do not leave unattended. We advise to only burn your candle for 1 hour the first time you light it, and a maximum of 2 hours each time thereafter.
As our candles are hand poured, the finish may vary slightly from candle to candle.

Length 5 cm
Width 5 cm
Height 9 cm
Weight 165 grams
Diameter 5 cm
Values Eco Friendly, Handmade, Organic, Dutch Design
Made in Netherlands
Brand Location Netherlands


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