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Peperomia Jelly Plant
Peperomia Jelly Plant
Peperomia Jelly Plant
Peperomia Jelly Plant

Peperomia Jelly Plant


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Peperomia clusiifolia (Peperomia Jelly) is a stunning houseplant with multicolored leaves of green, cream, pink, and red. The variegated elongated oval leaves have green blotches in the center surrounded by creamy-white patterns. Then red edges on the peperomia leaf margins give the radiator plant a striking appearance.

The peperomia clusiifolia has common names such as red edge peperomia, Ginny peperomia, Jellie peperomia, and peperomia tricolor. The pointed oval leaves and compact growth makes this one of the most colorful houseplants you can grow.

  • 14cm pot


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