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Pink/Yellow/Green Rubber Tree

Pink/Yellow/Green Rubber Tree

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If you’re looking for a houseplant that makes a bold statement, then look no further than a Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica), also called Indian Rubber Tree. With their ease of care, these are perfect indoor plants for beginners or those who consider themselves having a black thumb. 

  • CARE:
  • Light: Rubber Trees grown as houseplants should receive no brighter light than bright, indirect light as the foliage may burn. However, variegated types need more light for their foliage to retain their mix of colors and solid green varieties tolerate lower light conditions.Water: It’s easy to check when to water your Rubber Plant by sticking your finger into the soil and if the top inch feels dry, apply water until it runs from the bottom drain holes. During the growing season of spring through summer, you’ll probably water weekly. However, in winter, you should cut back watering to about once every two weeks.
  • Toxicity: Keep out of reach of pets and children, as all portions of the Rubber Plant are toxic due to psoralen and proteolytic enzyme ficin.

Leaf drop can be caused by several environmental conditions. If the plant is being overwatered, the foliage can drop. In addition, if the indoor temperatures are too cold and the Rubber Plant is in a drafty area, the foliage will also drop.

  • SIZE:

Approx. 90cm



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