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Zamia Plant

Zamia Plant

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ZZ plants are hugely popular houseplants, with stunning, glossy leaves, and interesting upright stems. They are renowned for being tolerant of neglect, easy to care for, and they also grow quite quickly and can become large, impressive plants. 

  • CARE:
  • Light: Extremely bright light is best for cardboard palms. Direct Sunlight will be just fine, especially during the plant’s growing season.
  • Water: Though they don’t require too much water, try to keep their soil fairly moist. When in doubt, water sparingly
  • Toxicity: The truth of the matter is that ZZ plants are poisonous, but not lethally toxic to pets. A pet that comes in contact with a ZZ plant may develop inflammation of the skin, eyes or mucus membranes.
  • SIZE:

Approx. 30cm



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